Integrity of energy systems workshop

5 April 2012, 9.00 AM - 5 April 2012, 9.00 AM

MVB 0.01 SCS (Systems Centre), Merchant Venturers Building, University Gate, Bristol, BS8 1UB
Cabot Institute and RED are organising a half-day workshop to share research interests and develop groups around the topic of 'integrity of energy systems'.

A number of research topics could come under this broad heading, including:

  • integrity of energy structures and materials,
  • critical infrastructure & future energy security,
  • integration of multiple energy sources, and
  • user integrity. 

Other ideas under this theme are also very welcome.

The purpose of this meeting is to better place Bristol to take advantage of the numerous upcoming funding opportunities in the energy area, by forming disciplinary and cross-disciplinary research teams with identified PI's.

These opportunities include:

  • institutional sponsorship from EPSRC,
  • upcoming EPSRC calls on 'whole energy systems',
  • future EPSRC Doctoral Training Centres and longer-term research council, and
  • European funding.

The half-day will be chaired by Professor David Smith and include: short plenary presentations; a session forming groups around research topics of common interest; and feeding back ideas and plans to the wider group.

We will finish the event with lunch at 1 pm.

Nb: This event is only open to staff and students of the University of Bristol.  Please contact Philippa Bayley if you have any questions about this.

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