Science Faculty Colloquium: The ocean and future climate

22 February 2012, 4.00 PM - 22 February 2012, 4.00 PM

Lecture Theatre 2, School of Chemistry, Cantock’s Close, Bristol
Speaker: Carl Wunsch of the Department of Earth, Atmospheric & Planetary Sciences at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, currently working at the University of Oxford

Beginning about 20 years ago, the study of ocean physics suddenly jumped from being a small, quiet, academic field, to something of a public circus.

Understanding how the ocean is involved in climate today, and what it might portend for the future is an amalgam of fundamental physics, geology, chemistry, biology, engineering, psychology, and even theology.

In this talk, I will explore (some of) the diverse forces acting on the ocean, and on the people who study it.

Attendance is free and all are welcome but space will be limited so you are advised to come early. 

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