Future City Conversation

23 January 2012, 9.30 AM - 23 January 2012, 9.30 AM

Create Centre, Smeaton Road, Bristol, BS1 6XN

Join Bristol Green Capital for an important series of events, with Professor Herbie Girardet.

Several years ago, a series of World Cafe conversations resulted in the current Green Capital vision. Much progress has been made, but now there is an even greater need for action.  With new understanding and recent changes to global systems, both human and environmental, economic and social, local and national – there is a need to look again at our strategy for a green capital city.

Therefore, you are invited to participate in a programme of ‘conversations’ that aim to develop our shared understanding and agreement about what needs to be done.  We have chosen to emulate the process adopted by the city of Adelaide in Australia some 8 years ago, and so we will be joined by a ‘thinker in residence’ who will facilitate our discussions and ensure that we maintain our thoughts at the cutting edge of what is possible, both theoretically and practically.  However, it is essential that the discussions are attended by a multi-disciplinary group of local experts who have a deep understanding of the issues, evidence and possibilities.  Although titled “conversations” the result is intended to be action.

The ‘thinker in residence’ will be Professor Herbie Girardet, who is well known for facilitating the process in Adelaide. The results in Adelaide have been astonishing, and Herbie has recently returned from a follow up study visit.  He will be helping Bristol Green Capital to shape the conclusions, but it is essential that the content is owned and agreed by the participants.

For more information and to book, please visit the Bristol Green Capital website.


Conversations include:

EU Green Capital Competition - Do we deserve to win? This session will walk us through all aspects of the bid, setting out our baseline performance, our trajectory and our intended targets, describing the actions that we said we will take to achieve them.

The Green Economy - what's it worth to you? This session will be led by Miguel Mendonca who has carried out a desktop review of the baseline information showing the shape and size of the green economy in the West of England.

Green Deal or No Deal? The core development framework and Localism Act drive the process - but will we get what we want for a green capital? This session help us understand the constraints and opportunities for future land use in the city as well as look at the built environment we already have.

Get out and peddle about. We were the UK's first cycling city, and BRT is on its way. Will this deliver the transport system we all want to see, or is there more we can do to help? How do we make 'Living Heart of Bristol' reality?

Do we have the energy? Modern society is entirely reliant on energy - most of which comes from coal, oil and gas.  However, Bristol is about to embark on an ambitious programme of local energy supply to give power back to the people.  Will this be enough to achieve our carbon reduction targets?

Feed Me. The recent study 'Who Feeds Bristol' clearly showed the lack of resilience in our food system, reliant as we are on the large retailers. The fightback has started, but how do we redress the balance in favour of local food? We need to get more people growing and cooking their own food, as well as increasing access to healthy, locally sourced options.

Waste Not, Want not. This session will look at the improvements we have made in recycling, but also at the challenges of reduce and re-use. We have lots of industrial and retail supply chains that aren't linked up - but ought to be. One persons rubbish is another persons gold.

Bristol Partnership Meeting. Green Capital Steering Group is going to host the Execs and Political Leaders for a discussion about how a green capital is the most cost effective and resilient way to deliver their core business; safe, healthy, happy and prosperous communities.

Onwards and...? We will conclude with a look at the critical points from the week and agree a set of recommendations.

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