How to create a famine: state-building, counter-terrorism and the politicisation of humanitarian assistance in Somalia

26 October 2011, 1.15 PM - 26 October 2011, 1.15 PM

Lecture Theatre 2D3, Social Sciences Complex, 8 Woodland Road

SPAIS/Global Insecurities Centre Seminar

Speaker: Mark Bradbury (Rift Valley Institute)

The United Nations estimates that up to 750,000 people in Somalia could die from starvation in the next year, more than twice the number who died in Somalia’s last famine in the early 1990s.  Mark Bradbury, Director at the Rift Valley Institute and author of 'Becoming Somaliland’ (James Currey 2008), will discuss how international state-building, stabilisation and counter-terrorism policies helped to create the current famine in Somalia.


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