Cabot Institute Seminar: Valuing and Financing Environmental & Energy Projects

26 October 2011, 4.00 PM - 26 October 2011, 4.00 PM

Room 3F9, Social Sciences Complex, Priory Road, Bristol

Mark Freeman, Professor of Finance, Bradford University School of Management

The RCUK Review of Energy 2010 observed that “some projects ... could have been tightened up considerably with input from the economics/business discipline ... Research proposers should continue to make economic/business cases when formulating their submissions on programmatic level”.  Motivated by this, the talk will explore how research links can be usefully created between the Cabot Institute and academics in financial and environmental economics.  The talk will focus on two topics: (i) how do we best present a financial case that establishes that an environmental or energy project represents value for money either for governments or private corporations and (ii) how should research projects be adapted to help secure private-sector funding for the initiatives that they are proposing.


Please contact Sharon Collard for further information. 

All are welcome to attend.

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