Developing Geoengineering Research at Bristol

19 September 2011, 9.00 AM - 19 September 2011, 9.00 AM

19th September 2011, Bristol Zoo
A day-long workshop on current and future geoengineering research at Bristol University.

Date: 19th September

Location: Bristol Zoo.


Geoengineering is the intentional modification of the Earth’s climate to address climate change. A radical set of ideas to ‘fix’ the climate have been proposed and are now being seriously investigated by a broad range of researchers, from climate scientists to philosophers. The University of Bristol is one of the institutions at the fore-front of this research but currently does not have an integrated community of physical and social scientists. This workshop aims to bring together researchers from across the university, and elsewhere, to discuss and develop this important topic.


This workshop will include:

  • Presentations on geoengineering research at Bristol University
  • Invited speaker Prof. Ken Carslaw from Leeds University
  • A broad discussion of geoengineering and its implications
  • Opportunities to develop novel interdisciplinary research

This workshop is free to attend, but there are now a limited number of places remaining and it will be done on a first-come-first-served basis. Please email Pete Irvine if you wish to attend or present.

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