Cabot Institute gets involved at the Bristol Festival of Nature

20 July 2011, 9.40 AM - 20 July 2011, 9.40 AM

17th - 19th June 2011, Bristol Harbourside
This past weekend saw the arrival of the annual Festival of Nature at the Harbourside, Bristol.

The Festival of Nature, which is run by the the Bristol Natural History Consortium, showed that it truly deserved it's award for ‘Bristol Event of the Year’ in the 2011 Tourism and Hospitality Awards, as it once again was a great success.

Despite the rain, thousands of people turned out on Saturday and Sunday to listen to the talks and visit the workshops, screenings and stalls from a number of different exhibitors, including two tents for the University of Bristol and the Cabot Institute.  Friday was 'Schools Day' at the Festival, where groups of local school children had the chance to look around the exhibits and learn more about the environment.

The University's involvement was coordinated by the Centre for Public Engagement and the Cabot Institute had a strong presence in both tents. Exhibits included exploring the world of animal territories, bees, tree roots, climate change, humans in the environment, water and flooding and the Bristol Dinosaur. A series of short talks were also given by members of the Cabot Institute on Water resources and health, Economics and resilient cities and Volcanic ash and aviation, to discuss the issues surrounding living with environmental change.

Please check back for more updates or to see photos from the weekend. More information is also available on the Festival of Nature website.

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