Excellence in Interdisciplinary Research: Can Cabot lead the way?

1 August 2011, 9.30 AM - 1 August 2011, 9.30 AM

9.30 – 1.30 pm, June 9th 2011; Institute of Advanced Studies, University of Bristol

A workshop for UOB staff and postgrads who are interested in helping to develop the Cabot approach.

Internationally there is increasingly attention being paid to methods and processes of interdisciplinary (ID) working – heralding a step change in status from marginalisation of ID to recognition as essential core work. This step change requires more explicit attention to acknowledged problems of ID working and how they will be tackled. Some preparatory guidance on the different linked areas of interdisciplinary working will be sent to those who register to act as a background to the workshop. In a wide variety of practices of interdisciplinarity in research what might be a distinctive Cabot approach to excellence?

We will work on 3 main outputs:

  1. Strap-lines for Cabot approach to interdisciplinary research
  2. Outline plan for a process of development – a roadmap towards excellence in ID research
  3. Collecting ideas for strategy for Cabot involvement in the growing international agendas on ID research Indicative


9.30 Coffee and welcome; the aims of the meeting – Paul Bates

10.00 Collecting ideas for common statement of ‘excellence in IDR’ – workshop

10.40 Review ideas/coffee

11.10 Working towards a road map for excellence in IDR - workshop

11.50 Review and discussion

12.10 Working with international agendas linking theory and practice of IDR Short presentation followed by discussion

12.50 Summary – Paul Bates

1.00 Lunch and further discussion Outputs to be circulated to participants after workshop for comment/further development

Space is limited so please register by emailing Jenneth.Parker@bristol.ac.uk

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