'Philosophical issues in climate science' workshop

11 June 2011, 12.47 PM - 11 June 2011, 12.47 PM

Workshop on 'Philosophical Issues in Climate Science'
The Centre for Philosophy and Science at the University of Bristol is delighted to announce a workshop:

'Philosophical Issues in Climate Science'

11am - 6pm, Thursday 26th May 2011

Lecture Theatre 2, Faculty of Arts, University of Bristol, 3-5 Woodland Road, Bristol.

Speakers include:

  • Roman Frigg (LSE) - 'Decision making with climate models'
  • Katie Steele and Charlotte Werndl (LSE) - 'Climate Models, Calibration, and Confirmation'
  • Seamus Bradley (LSE) - 'Robustness does not warrant confidence in climate models'
  • Richard Pettigrew (Bristol) - 'The strategy of model building in climate science'

There is no registration fee, but please email Jess Dunton to reserve a place. We thank the Institute for Advanced Study at the University of Bristol for their generous support. 

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