Workshop on "Low cost on nanotechnology for environmental remediation"

6 May 2011, 10.00 AM - 6 May 2011, 10.00 AM

Conference room, Oldbury House. Friday 6th May, 10am-3pm
This small workshop event will provide an opportunity for research experts in nano-iron remediation from Bristol, Brighton, Exeter and Oxford to get together for the purpose of generating one or more research project proposals for submission to (i) NERC in this coming summer funding round and (ii) to EPSRC through the responsive mode mechanism. Selected delegates from industry have also been invited to the event, to provide industrial input to project development and to gain 'buy in' that will strengthen the generated proposals.

The workshop will encourage free thinking in order to delve deeply into the challenges and innovations that our combined expertise could bring to developing low-cost metal or metal-oxide nanomaterials  [in all their many forms] for water treatment. The workshop will be structured to include opportunities for informal networking activities between detailed technical discussions. A number of technical presentations will be delivered, clarifying the state of the art for nano-iron water treatment technology. Subsequently, discussion sessions will focus on developing project ideas and exploring pertinent questions.

For example:

From a scientific and engineering perspective, greater understanding of commercial water filtration/remediation systems could inform the development pathways researchers take for developing new materials. What are the problems associated with existing filter systems? How can novel nano-tech be integrated into existing devices or structures? How can in situ nano-iron technology best be adapted for commercial use? What are the key challenges for developing low-cost nano-composites for water treatment? Is nanotechnology for water treatment 'safe' to use?

Please contact Tom Scott for more information or if you are interested in attending

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