Equality, diversity and inclusion

At the University of Bristol Business School, we address key societal issues through our world-class research and diverse curriculum. We are dedicated to establishing an inclusive environment for all our students and staff. Find out more about our work and current initiatives below.

Student Equality Committee

The Student Equality Committee consists of student volunteers who provide feedback to staff on equality issues from a student perspective.

Stand Up, Speak Out

We believe that minority groups should not take sole responsibility for addressing inequalities and in 2020/21 we will form a Stand Up, Speak Out Committee. The role of this committee is to provide support to those from minority groups.

Diversifying the Curriculum

The Student Equality Committee advised staff that they would like to see changes to the focus of the curriculum to make it more diverse and inclusive.


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Have you suffered discrimination?

Contact the university's dedicated 'Report and Support' service.

Visit our Global Lounge

Find out more about our colourful and comfortable Lounge, open to all students and staff at the University.

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