Words of Wisdom from Brigstow Institute funded projects

The following are Words of Wisdom that were offered by previous Brigstow seedcorn projects and might help guide you when planning your project.

  • Be clear at the application stage about how much time the project will take, what the contribution of each team member will be and what other resources you might need. Remember that not all time across the university and beyond is equal.
  • It is good to have commitment to the project from all team members. Projects should be co-created and co-led.
  • Ensure all members of the team are involved in all parts of the research process. If you want someone to be involved but they can’t commit the same amount of time as the rest of the team, why not include them as a critical friend instead?
  • Ideas should flow between all team members - avoid one-way flow of information and ideas. The knowledge generated by the project should be mutually beneficial.
  • Be prepared to step outside of your discipline and experiment with methods and approaches, and output formats you may not have worked with before.
  • Don’t underestimate the value of frequent, face-to-face (or online!) meetings with the team. Remember that there is value and learning from those discussions, as well as pursuing the project itself.
  • The projects are generative - while there might be some immediate outputs, many projects have taken months, or even years for the research to develop, secure further funding, crystalise approaches, and create hard outputs.

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