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The Brigstow Institute brings people together to undertake new experimental inter-disciplinary and co-produced research projects and partnerships exploring what it means to live well in the 21st century. Brigstow mobilises, connects and resources communities of curious minds seeking to re-imagine self and society through making creative interventions that they can showcase to the world. 

Brigstow believes in researching with, not on, people. In exploring what it means to be human, lived knowledge and other expertise are valued alongside academic knowledge drawn from a range of disciplinary perspectives. The research projects we fund have co-production at their heart: they involve those outside the university (creatives, charities, businesses) as core members of research teams, co-designing and co-producing the research together. We support our diverse research teams to work equitably, learning from each other and valuing the fact that different knowledge lies in each of us.

We know dynamic research needs space and trust to grow.  Brigstow creates a nurturing and open space for research teams to delve into knotty questions that hope to uncover meaningful ways of living well and mobilise deeper change within society. We provide initial funding to high-risk, experimental research teams enabling extraordinary ideas to emerge.

In addition to our events, workshops and Ideas Lunches, we are always ready to explore new ideas and partnerships across the city, the UK and internationally.  We would love to hear from you if you have ideas for research projects around Brigstow’s main aims or around the following:

Contact us on hello-brigstow@bristol.ac.uk or one of the Brigstow team.  We’d love to hear from you.

How do we support new research being created?

Brigstow uses a threefold funding approach to enable the co-production and co-design of new research projects. Find out more about our funding model on the Funding pages.

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