Public Advisory Group

Our Public Advisory Group aims to bring community voices to the conversation around health research and to provide more opportunity for research to meet the needs of communities. The Group is made up of representatives from local community, and key stakeholders in health and social care. Set up in 2012, since the beginning the group has advised and helped many of our researchers with both their public engagement plans, and their wider research questions and methods.

In 2019, with the aim of giving the Group members more opportunity to define the agenda of each meeting, we welcomed new voices and tested a new meeting format. Our hope was to begin to create an open space for collaboration, in which our group members could build meaningful relationships with researchers, and vise versa. You can read more about our October 2019 meeting, and our next steps, on our news page.

Continuting to build space for collaboration, in 2020 we anticipate our Public Advisory Group meetings to focus around a key Institute project, Create to Collaborate. Bringing research, public engagement and public involvement together in one space, Create to Collaborate will introuce researchers and community groups through ceative workshops. Our Public Advisory Group will be a vital partner in this.

The group meets twice a year in various locations across central Bristol. We are not currently inviting researchers to present to the group, but if you are a researcher and have a project you would like to be raised with group members, please email to discuss.



Zoe Banks-Gross, Sue Mackinnon

Knowle West Media Centre. Involving communities in new medical technologies.

New member TBC

The Care Forum. Involving the voluntary and community organisations and targeting engagement to specific patient support groups.

Alison Diaper

Clinical Effectiveness and Research Team, Bristol North Somerset South Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (BNSSG CCG). Using research and evidence to inform commissioning decisions

Kate Oliver

The Bristol Cable. Covering what's really going on in Bristol.

Ruth Green

BS3 Community. Improving the lives of people living in BS3 and the surrounding area.

Jo Stokes

Age UK Bristol. Working in Bristol to offer support and services to older people.

Annie Oliver

Wellspring Settlement. Offering a space for the Barton Hill community to celebrate, learn, create, develop, relax, socialise and play.

Rosie Wild, Florence Weston

Self Injury Support. Support for women and girls. 

Natalie Patillas

inHope. Dedicated to helping those with life-disrupting problems, such as homelessness and addiction.

Jan Connett, Oliver Watson

Bristol Health PartnersIntegrating, promoting and developing Bristol's strengths in health services, research, innovation and education.

Julie Clayton, Victoria Wilson

Centre for Academic Primary Care. Involving members of the public in shaping research

Catharine Brown

Designability - Bath Institute for Medical Engineering. Engaging with the private sector around user-centred design.

We continue to update our membership list as new relationships are developed. We have also recently welcomed representatives from the following organisations to our meetings.

Black South West Network. Working for race equality across the south west.

Bristol Black Carers. Empowering and supporting young and adult carers.

Bristol Drugs Project. A Bristol-based charity helping local residents with drug and alcohol problems.

*If you work at a local community organisation with an interest in connecting with research at the Univerity, would like to join our Public Advisory Group or find out more, please email


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