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Experimental design and statistics support for the University of Bristol

Dr Michelle Taylor

Dr Michelle Taylor

25 September 2018

The Elizabeth Blackwell Institute, through its Wellcome Trust ISSF Award, is delighted to support a new post to help researchers at the University of Bristol with the experimental design and statistics associated with fundamental biology research and pre-clinical studies.

We are pleased to welcome Michelle Taylor, Senior Research Associate in Statistics and Experimental Design, who will provide expert advice on appropriate statistical methods for a diverse range of experimental approaches and is based in the Faculty of Life Sciences at the University of Bristol.

This is the third post supported by the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute that provides cross-faculty help for researchers and is in addition to the previously funded roles in informatics.

Dr Taylor will provide expert advice on statistical methods for a diverse range of experimental approaches, and will primarily work with researchers during the planning stages of their projects as well as providing help with grant applications. This will include contributing expert input into calculating sample size estimates, methods to avoid bias, and appropriate statistical analyses.

The role will support staff in the Life Sciences and Health Sciences faculties to refine experimental design, increase power, and clearly communicate experimental design and statistical analysis to grant funding bodies and ethics committees to increase the reproducibility and reliability of research.

Examples of the type of support Michelle can provide include:

  • Preparation of the Experimental Design/Statistical Analysis sections for funding applications
  • Clarification of experimental design to comply with guidelines from the National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement & Reduction of Animals in Research
  • Refinement of experimental design to maximize the information from individual study systems
  • Development of methods and analysis to effectively support individual research projects
  • Reviewing and providing feedback on sample size calculations for the Animal Welfare Ethics Review Board
  • Availability of software and resources for statistical analysis
  • Presentation of statistics to comply with journal formatting guidelines

Michelle has developed a broad understanding of experimental design and statistical analysis in Biosciences through her research in genetics of behaviour.

Michelle said: “I am delighted to take on this unique cross-faculty role, which offers me the opportunity to impart the knowledge and skills that I have used in research, and work with individual researchers to further develop the methods and analysis that most effectively represent their study system.”

Further information

Contact Michelle Taylor to further discuss the ways in which she may be able to support your research project

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