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Rosetrees Interdisciplinary Prize 2019

8 October 2018

Rosetrees Interdisciplinary Prize 2019 to stimulate collaborative research between Medicine and Mathematics or Computing and/or Artificial Intelligence

Rosetrees Trust announced the launch of their Interdisciplinary Prize 2019. This funding call aims to develop collaborative studies between researchers in different fields with the hope that they will result in breakthroughs that have real potential to improve human health. The award is worth up to £250,000 over three years, and can be used to support any aspect of the proposed research.

Guidelines for applications

 Applications should be truly interdisciplinary in nature – and clearly represent collaboration between two different disciplines.

  • Applications can relate to any disease or medical condition which affects a significant proportion of the population.
  • The length of application is limited to 5 pages inclusive of supporting figures.
  • A 500 word abstract
  • Applications should outline the following:

o  Project background – identifying the problem and the aim of the study
o  Researchers involved, nature of interdisciplinarity and relevant experience of applicants
o  Plan of research study – what is involved, approach to be taken and clinical translation
o  Time Frames & outline of expected costs over the 3 years

Applications will be ranked by a panel of peer reviewers, and the top applications reviewed by specialist reviewers who can comment on the specific area of work. Applications will be assessed on a range of criteria:

  • experience and track record of the researchers
  • importance of the research
  • the interdisciplinarity of the project
  • how well placed the researchers are to carry out the study
  • impact of the research and potential for translation/future clinical benefit
  • whether the scale and nature of funding is appropriate

 To note:

  • There is no limit to the number of applicants, but two lead applicants should be named.
  • The lead researchers must be from different departments within the same institution
  • Only one application per institution is allowed.
  • The Dean of Research or Head(s) of Faculty should provide a letter(s) of support for the chosen application.

 Internal application process for the University of Bristol researchers: 

  • Internal applications will be reviewed by the University of Bristol panel and you will be notified by the end of December 2018 whether you are invited to submit a full proposal to the Trust.

The deadline for full applications to the Rosetrees Trust is midnight on Thursday 28th February 2019. The winner will be announced in June 2019.

Full applications to include:

  • a five page project proposal including references suitable for a panel of academics
  • a 500 word abstract
  • a combined letter or letters of support from Dean of Research /relevant Faculty heads
  • max 2 page CVs of the two lead researchers
  • Publications also listing 5 most recent and 5 most relevant

The Trust will fund directly incurred costs associated with the project including salaries, consumables and animal costs. Travel costs (max. £1000) and small equipment costs (max £1000) that are essential to the project will also be considered. Please provide details in the cost breakdown. The Trust will not fund directly allocated costs, indirect costs or PhD tuition fees.

Previous winners of the Rosetrees Interdisciplinary Prize are:

Further information

Find out more about the Rosetrees Trust here.

The Rosetrees 2019 UoB app form (Office document, 34kB) should be returned to Nina Couzin by 10:00am Monday, 26th November 2018.

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