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Further funding for EBI awardees

27 November 2018

Many Elizabeth Blackwell Institute awardees go on to secure further funding or fellowships. We're pleased to share details of some of the recent grants and positions secured by our awardees.

Iryna Culpin

Dr Culpin was received an Early Career Fellowship from Elizabeth Blackwell Institute which enabled her to study the role that fathers may play in supporting mothers and children in families affected by post-natal depression. The results thus far are encouraging: “Initial analyses suggest that higher levels of paternal involvement during the early postnatal period reduce the risk of emotional disorders in children of postnatally depressed mothers.” The work that she has completed during the Fellowship has enabled Dr Culpin to publish a number of studies, and to be awarded a Wellcome Trust Research Fellowship in Humanities and Social Sciences.

Read Iryna Culpin's EBI project case study: Postnatal depression and fatherhood – what is the fathers’ role?

Peter Edwards

Dr Edwards used the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute Clinical Primer scheme to conduct research into a project to develop a coding tool used to record the ‘safety netting’ type and frequency in GP consultations, as well as other factors. Dr Edwards hopes that he and other researchers can use the safety-netting tool to assess how healthcare professionals give advice in different clinical settings. He has also been awarded a GP Academic Clinical Fellowship and credits the Clinical Primer scheme in assisting him in attaining this fellowship.

Read Peter Edwards' EBI project case study: How GPs can use safety nets to navigate the tightrope walk of patient advice

Sara Alvira-de-Celis

Dr Alvira-de-Celis was awarded an Elizabeth Blackwell Institute Bridging Fellowship which is designed to fund applicants coming to the end of an existing fellowship and looking to apply for renewal or seeking to apply for a more senior fellowship. Dr Sara Alvira-de-Celis has used the scheme to continue her work which will help us to understand the way that bacteria generate and express proteins in their membranes – which is a critical avenue to explore for novel antibiotics with new mechanisms of action. A recent BBSRC grant awarded to Professor Ian Collinson included Dr Alvira-de-Celis’s work and will fund further research on this topic for two researchers, including Dr Alvira-de-Celis, for the next three years.

Read Sara Alvira-de-Celis' EBI Project case study: New chain in the membrane: combating antibiotic resistance

Georgia Connolly

The Elizabeth Blackwell Institute Clinical Primer scheme allowed Dr Connolly to uncover some of the molecular pathways that might be behind long-term heart problems caused by surviving a heart attack; it’s hoped that her findings might be extended to lead to new treatments. The Clinical Primer scheme has confirmed Dr Connolly’s ambitions to be a clinical academic and believes it was a determining factor in her success in being awarded a NIHR funded Academic Clinical Fellowship to complete higher specialist training in Cardiology within the Severn Deanery.

Read Georgia Connolly's EBI project case study: Uncovering mechanisms behind long-term heart problems

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