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The Wellcome Trust has identified goals for 2017

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The Wellcome Trust

7 March 2017

The Wellcome Trust has announced 5 goals for the year ahead, including fuller information about their priority areas of Vaccines and Drug Resistant Infections.

The five Wellcome Trust goals for the next year are:
1) Champion and support research through changing times
Speaking up for the huge contribution that science makes to knowledge, to health, and to the Sustainable Development Goals, during a period of continuing uncertainty around Brexit and wider political change.
2) Ensure the world is better prepared for the next epidemic
Through, for example, support for CEPI, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations.
3) Advance the global response to drug-resistant infections
Provide national governments and international organisations with evidence and expertise to create action plans based on robust science, coordinate and monitor progress, and stimulate the discovery and development of the new antibiotics we so badly need. 
4) Harness the creativity of innovators across disciplines to deliver health impact
The Trust recently announced a new Innovation for Impact Strategy, and as part of that has launched a new Innovator Award Scheme
5) Push R&D for health up the global political agenda
Giving research a bigger role in tackling the world’s health challenges, including working with the WHO, and strengthening science in Africa and India. 

Further information

For further details see the announcement on the Wellcome Trust website.

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