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Fun Palaces Bristol 2017

Fun Palaces Bristol 2017

Customising YoBikes for Fun Palaces 2017

18 October 2017

Elizabeth Blackwell Institute hosts Bristol's Fun Palaces Ambassador to catalyse health-inspired Fun Palace events with researchers and local residents in collaboration with Bristol Green Capital Partnership's Healthy City Week and community partners. Fun Palaces take place during the first weekend of October as part of a global campaign where ‘everyone is an artist, everyone a scientist’. We are looking for researchers to get involved in 2018’s campaign – get in touch to find out more!

The Fun Palaces weekend 2017 saw seven EBI-supported and community-led Fun Palaces spring up across the city, exploring the health of people and city through science and art. The events were part of Bristol Green Capital Partnership’s Healthy City Week programme – exploring wellbeing that doesn’t cost the earth - and the global Fun Palaces campaign - where everyone is an artist, everyone a scientist.

Highlights included fantastic partnerships with Wellspring Healthy Living Centre and Avonmouth Community Centre; photography and portrait collage workshops on the Severn Beach train line exploring mental wellbeing; spray-painting YoBikes in the key health themes; learning about air pollution in interactive workshops and much more! See the map below for details.

Researchers sharing their work on e-cigarette usage as part of the Fun Palaces weekend said: “It was fantastic to talk to people in a new way about our research. We were asked questions we hadn’t even thought of.”

Researchers come and be part of a Fun Palace in October 2018 – get to know your city, discuss and share your research in new and innovative ways and gain public engagement experience. Get in touch to find out more!

Further information

Fun Palaces is an ongoing campaign for culture at the heart of community and community at the heart of culture, with an annual weekend of action every October. Since 2014 there have been over 572 Fun Palaces worldwide, created by, for and with local communities. These free, hands-on arts, science, craft, tech and digital events celebrate the passions of local people and are now in Bristol! 

Elizabeth Blackwell Institute became part of the Fun Palaces campaign in 2016 through hosting one of five UK Fun Palace Ambassadors. The ambassadorship programme enables a lead, in Bristol, Ellie Shipman, to encourage more locally-led Fun Palaces and initiate new collaborations between health researchers and Bristol communities. 

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