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€1.5m award will investigate how mother’s mental health and personality affect child’s mental health

Rebecca Pearson Head Cam

Mum & child wearing a novel head cam

8 September 2017

How a mother’s mental health and personality affects her child’s mental health will be investigated by University of Bristol researchers who have been awarded €1.5million from the European Research Council.

This five-year study, led by Dr Rebecca Pearson from Bristol Medical School’s Centre for Academic Mental Health, will provide critical new evidence regarding the role of parent child interactions and potential of parenting interventions. 

The study builds on previous work, published in Psychological Medicine, by the team which looked at over 8,000 parents and children in Children of the 90s and found that the children of women with personality traits associated with emotional and relationship difficulties were at greater risk of depression, anxiety and self-harm in their late teens than their peers and work originally funded by an Elizabeth Blackwell Early Career Fellowship held by Dr Pearson in 2013/14. 

For further information please see the full news story on the university website.

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