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British Heart Foundation 4 year PhD programme - call details and internal process

17 December 2015

The British Heart Foundation has released a call for applications for 4 year PhD studentship programmes in cardiovascular research. This scheme is additional to their existing scheme for individual 3 year PhD studentships, which will continue.

BHF 4-year PhD programme awards will allow Universities to recruit up to 4 students per year for 4 years (i.e. up to 16 students), with the first intake being in Autumn 2017. Only one application per University can be submitted, and University contributions are required. There will therefore be an internal selection process. 
Funding available:
BHF will pay a student stipend at the standard BHF rate, University PhD tuition fees (at the home rate only), and consumable costs of £8,000 in year 1 and £14,000 per year thereafter. This will be for up to 4 studentships per year for 4 years.
University contributions:
Applicants will have to demonstrate that they either already have in place, or can put in place, the resources to run the programme, as the BHF will only pay for the studentship costs listed above. The BHF stipulates that the first year of study will include generic and specialist training courses and a series of practical projects; these may have cost implications for us above the budget provided by BHF. In addition, matched studentships would make the bid more competitive. Interested PIs should start to discuss these matters with their Dean, FFC and Faculty Manager. 
  1. Interested PIs to fill in the internal application form and return to me ( by 5pm 27th January 2016
  2. An internal panel (including Deans and PVC) will assess the applications and select one for further development and submission to the BHF. 
  3. The lead for the selected bid to submit a full draft for further feedback from the panel by first week of March 2016.
  4. Funder application deadline: 31 March 2016
Below you will find links to the internal application form, the guidance document from the BHF and some brief notes on the existing BHF 4-year PhD programmes 

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