Our Research Strands

The Elizabeth Blackwell Institute Research Strands are cross-faculty initiatives that build on the existing research base in Bristol to tackle challenges that can only be addressed by multi-disciplinary teams of researchers.

The research strands align with research priorities of the University of Bristol and create a shared vision in key thematic areas. They aim to support capacity development and provide exciting new research opportunities for researchers, including those who have never previously felt their skills and expertise were relevant to a particular health or biomedical area. 
These initiatives have the explicit endorsement of the Institute’s Executive Board and are funded by the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute’s Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Fund award for a period of 24 months to deliver their goals. We are supporting the work of the strands with the aim of advancing health research and its impact, including in the global health context. 

Bioethics, Biolaw and Biosociety

Establishing Bristol as a leader in interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research into the ethical, legal and social dimensions in the biosciences, including health and social care.

Medical Humanities

Opening the door to new arts-science collaborations by connecting researchers from all faculties together with clinicians and external partners for research focusing on philosophy and humanities. 

Bristol AMR

Building on clear areas of success and expanding the research network in antimicrobial resistance, across disciplines and linked to global health challenges.

Digital Health

Increasing visibility of digital health research, bringing together teams around health challenges, developing external partnerships and engaging undergraduate students.


Health Data Science

Combining expertise across the university and beyond to build Bristol capacity for interdisciplinary research that makes the best use of data to improve health, care and services.

Global Public Health

Focusing on public health issues of global significance through interdisciplinary research.

Mechanisms to Populations

Building research capacity at the University of Bristol in the interdisciplinary space between fundamental biosciences and population health sciences.

If you are interested in learning more about the work of the Research Strands and how to engage, please contact the Strands directly or get in touch with the Elizabeth Blackwell team at ebih-admin@bristol.ac.uk

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