Find out about the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute's (EBI) governance and structure, and how we are organised.

Operational team

The Elizabeth Blackwell Institute operational team has responsibility for the day-to-day implementation of the Institute strategy.

Executive Board

The Elizabeth Blackwell Institute Executive Board meets twice a year to discuss and approve the Institute's strategy and budget.

Steering Group

The Institute Steering Group works as a wider advisory body to the Director of EBI. 

Public Advisory Group

The Public Advisory Group works with the Institute to develop a structure that enables public views to be fed into the Institute's strategic thinking, ensures excellent engagement across the research lifecycle, and is complementary to and knitted in with other relevant developments across the University of Bristol.

Key contacts

Looking for someone in the EBI team? Try our contacts page.

Who is Elizabeth Blackwell

Find out more about Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman on the UK medical register, for whom our Institute is named.

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