• Bristol BioBlitz 2010 is complete! 27 May 2010 Visit the BioBlitz blog for videos and photos of what went on as we explored the hidden (and not so hidden) life at Blaise Castle Eastle.
  • Leverhulme-Royal Society Africa Award 25 May 2010 Climate change, overfishing, dam construction and water abstraction all threaten the river fish species of sub-Saharan Africa. By reconstructing the evolutionary history of Tanzanian river fishes a new project, led by Dr Martin Genner, will identify catchments and species of conservation importance. The research will be in collaboration with Dr Ben Ngatunga of the Tanzanian Fisheries Research Institute, and Prof. George Turner of Bangor University. The project will provide capacity-building training in research to Tanzanian scientists, and is funded by the Leverhulme Trust - Royal Society Africa Award scheme.
  • Baby corals dance their way home 18 May 2010 Baby corals find their way home in their first days as free-swimming larvae by listening to the noise of animals on the reef and actively swimming towards it, an international team of researchers working in the Caribbean has discovered. These findings raise new concerns for the future of coral reefs as increasing human noise pollution in the world’s oceans is masking reef sounds.
  • BMC Biology prize nomination 13 May 2010 A research paper by Lori Peacock and colleagues from Biological Sciences and Clinical Veterinary Science has been shortlisted for the BMC Biology prize for 2009.
  • Red crabs lead the way in endurance running 6 May 2010 Not even professional athletes would consider running a marathon without any training, but this is essentially what Christmas Island red crabs do every year, according to new research from the University of Bristol.
  • BBC2's Museum of Life features Bristol MSc tutors 26 April 2010 The BBC2 series Museum of Life, which follows the work of staff at London’s Natural History Museum, has been featuring several experts who also work as tutors on the University’s MSc in Ecology and Management of the Natural Environment.
  • Genetic fingerprinting explains evolution of tree species unique to Avon Gorge 15 April 2010 The evolution of unique tree species found only in Bristol’s Avon Gorge can be explained by new genetic fingerprinting evidence, say scientists from the University of Bristol. Their findings have important implications for the conservation of trees in the gorge.
  • Dr. Kerry Franklin wins FESPB award 30 March 2010 Dr. Kerry Franklin has been awarded a Federation of European Societies of Plant Biology (FESPB) Award.
  • Tackling livestock diseases in developing countries 2 March 2010 One of sixteen grants, worth a combined total of £13m, to tackle livestock diseases and the threat they pose to food security in developing countries has been awarded to Dr Eric Morgan of the School of Biological Sciences, along with colleagues in Scotland, Canada, South Africa and India.
  • Dr Kerry Franklin wins President's Medal in Plant Science 15 February 2010 Dr Kerry Franklin has been awarded a President's Medal in Plant Science from the Society of Experimental Biology (SEB).
  • Alasdair Houston awarded a 5-year ERC grant of over 1.7m Euros 15 February 2010 Alasdair Houston awarded a 5-year European Research Council grant of over 1.7m Euros
  • Award Recognising Support for Teaching & Learning 20 January 2010 We are delighted to announce that Maggie Gamble has won one of only three University Awards Recognising Support for Teaching & Learning.
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