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Bristol Biochemist's publication is journal's most downloaded

10 February 2017

Marc van der Kamp (School of Biochemistry), Adrian Mulholland (School of Chemistry) and collaborators at the University of Bath and the Universities of Waikato and Canterbury in New Zealand have received a new accolade for their paper in the American Chemical Society journal Biochemistry entitled ‘On the Temperature Dependence of Enzyme-Catalyzed Rates’. This is the number one most downloaded paper from the journal Biochemistry in the last twelve months with over 3,800 full text downloads! For more details and a brief description of the work see the University's press release.

Further information

‘On the Temperature Dependence of Enzyme-catalyzed Rates’ by Vickery L. Arcus, Erica J. Prentice, Joanne K. Hobbs, Adrian J. Mulholland, Marc W. Van der Kamp, Christopher R. Pudney, Emily J. Parker and Louis A. Schipper in Biochemistry

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