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Insight into Bristol (Biomedical Sciences)

7 July 2017

Twenty-three students attended their neuroscience and biochemistry science-packed sessions for the Biomedical Sciences Insight into Bristol days on the 1st of July.

First, the students split into three teams to do some morning neuroscience. Dawn supervised them as they enjoyed shocking each other with electricity to calculate how fast the nervous impulse is. Frankie made sure they didn’t cheat while testing their acoustic and visual reflexes to ascertain which sense works faster. Ale guided them while exploring spinal cord and sciatic nerve sections with the microscope to understand how reflex arcs work. The brain is certainly a subject that gets students interested very easily, and they certainly enjoyed every bit of it!

When the students came back to the lab for the biochemistry session, they were not students anymore: They were detectives; detectives to identify the sneaky murderer of Mr John Doe. Some DNA -not pertaining to Mr Doe- had been found at the crime scene, and there were 5 suspects from whom DNA samples had been obtained. The detectives had the task of determining which suspect’s DNA matched the crime scene DNA by using restriction digestions and running the cut DNA in an agarose gel using electrophoresis. Most of them successfully revealed that it was no other than Mr Elliot who murdered Mr Doe!

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