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Helen Weavers wins GSA Drosophila Image Award 2017

6 April 2017

Dr Helen Weavers, a post-doc in the labs of Paul Martin and Will Wood has recently been awarded the Genetics Society of America (GSA) “Drosophila Image Award” 2017, for “the most compelling blend of aesthetics and important science that is demonstrated in a video image”.  The winning movie was taken from their recent study entitled  “Systems Analysis of the Dynamic Inflammatory Response to Tissue Damage” that was published in Current Biology last year.  To find out more about the award, you can visit

In this study, the researchers combined high resolution live imaging in the fruit-fly Drosophila with sophisticated mathematical modelling (in collaboration with Michael Stumpf’s group at Imperial College London) to characterise the wound attractant signals released upon tissue damage that are responsible for immune cell recruitment.  Using a novel approach, they used the dynamic behaviour of the responding immune cells to extract detailed information about the wound attractants themselves, revealing precisely how the damage signal spreads out from the injury site in space and time. 

Further information

Weavers H, Liepe J, Sim A, Wood W, Martin P & Stumpf M. (2016)
Systems Analysis of the Dynamic Inflammatory Response to Tissue Damage Reveals Spatiotemporal Properties of the Wound Attractant Gradient Current Biology 26, 1975-1989

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