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Bristol Biochemistry visits Churchill School's career day

15 March 2017

Dr Andy Richardson and Dr Robin Corey visited Churchill School in Somerset to do a DNA extraction practical with year 8 pupils and to discuss the huge scope that "science" offers as part of their careers day.  It was pleasing to see a large increase in student interest in science with 85 pupils signing up this year, up from 20 in 2016.

Dr Richardson and Dr Corey work in the lab of Prof. Ian Collinson exploring how proteins either cross or insert in to the mitochondrial inner and outer membranes.  Mitochondria contain ~1000 proteins, yet only encode ~10-15 in their mitochondrial DNA.  The remaining proteins are encoded by nuclear DNA and are co- or post-translationally inserted or translocated into one of four destinations, the outer mitochondrial membrane, the intermembrane space, the inner mitochondrial membrane or in to the matrix.

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