CREATE (Cultivating Research and Teaching Excellence) is the University of Bristol's continuing professional development scheme for academics. It provides academic staff an opportunity to enhance their practice within a world class research-intensive university and to gain national recognition for their commitment to developing their role.

The scheme contributes to the University’s commitment to research and educational excellence. The scheme, running since 2014, was redesigned and relaunched in 2021 and now consists of the Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice (PGCAP) and the CREATE HEA Fellowship Scheme. 

The CREATE Outstanding Portfolio Awards were introduced in 2022 to recognise the outstanding practice showcased by participants on the PGCAP and HEA Fellowship Scheme.

CREATE Outstanding Portfolio Awards 2023 winners' gallery

Award nominees

HEA Associate Fellow portfolio

  • Jill Sullivan (Archive Support Officer)
  • Jim Walker (Senior Research Associate, School of Chemistry)
  • Katie McCay (Law School)

HEA Fellow portfolio

  • Amberley Brigden (Lecturer, Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering)
  • Chris Rossdale (Lecturer in SPAIS)
  • Emily Derbyshire (Lecturer, School of Humanities)
  • Timothy Gao (Lecturer in Humanities)

PGCAP Unit 1 portfolio

  • Deborah Murcott (Vet School)
  • Jude Bramton (Lecturer in Engineering)

PGCAP Unit 2 portfolio

  • Joshua Hoole (Department of Aerospace Engineering)
  • Kiah Tasman (School of PPN)
  • Lindsey Askin (Department of Religion and Theology)


Award longlist*

HEA Fellow portfolio

  • Gonzalo Velasco Berenguer (Lecturer in History)
  • Shaun Wallace (Lecturer in History)
  • Andrew Grist (Lecturer in Bristol Veterinary School)
  • Helena Lopes (Leverhulme Early Career Research Fellow, Department of History)
  • Shelley Hales (Senior Lecturer, Department of Classics & Ancient History) 

HEA Associate Fellow portfolio

  • Emma Hazelwood (PG, Population Health Sciences)

* All PGCAP Unit 1, Unit 2 and HEA Senior Fellow portfolios were shortlisted



CREATE Scheme Best Portfolio Awards 2023

We are delighted to announce the 2023 winners. 

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