Mapping the March: Linguistic Borderlands: Multilingualism in the Viking Age

24 June 2024, 4.00 PM - 24 June 2024, 5.00 PM

Dr Lindy Brady, Edgehill University

Research Space, 1.H020, 7 Woodland Road, Bristol BS8 1TB

Mapping the March: Spring Seminar Series 2024

Mapping the March is a major research project selected by the ERC and funded by UKRI. Each semester we invite speakers to present papers on topics related to borders and borderlands in medieval and early modern Europe. All welcome to attend the seminars in person or online, with in-person refreshments available after the papers.

The Viking Age is often understood as a time of disruption, when intellectual life was obstructed by invaders and centres of cultural production were damaged in relentless raids. Yet this period also opened new avenues of movement and contact across the medieval world: faster ships, expanded trade routes, and the capture of slaves and hostages. This talk explores how the significant period of mobility inaugurated by the Viking era impacted linguistic contact across the medieval world, creating new multilingual borderlands.

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To attend in person or online, send a message to Abi Freeman at:

Dr Lindy Brady

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