Centre for Medieval Studies Research Seminar Series

5 October 2023, 4.00 PM - 25 April 2024, 4.00 PM

Lecture Room 8 (LT8), Arts Complex, University of Bristol

The Centre for Medieval Studies has the pleasure to announce its research seminar lineup for the 23/24 academic year. The seminars are held on Thursday afternoons and speakers are invited from across the UK and from abroad. Visit the Centre for Medieval Studies's website for latest updates and to find out more. You can also follow @BristolCMS on Twitter.

28 September, 4pm - PhD student Maria Rupprecht, 'The Multilingual Sources of Religious Vocabulary in La╚Łamon’s Brut

5 October - Dr Sigbjorn Sonnesyn, 'Competing Spheres of Influence? Grosseteste's De Sphera and Medieval Astronomical Textbooks'

12 October - Associate Professor Kristina Olson (George Mason University) - 'Dressing Babylon: Sartorial Biographies in Dante and Boccaccio'

19 October - Dr Sophie Therese Ambler (Lancaster University), 'The English Crown's Investigation of Civil War Combatants in the Late Thirteen and Early Fourteenth Centuries'

26 October - Professor Diane Watt (University of Surrey), 'What the Paston Women Read'

2 November - Professor Stephanie Wynne-Jones (University of York), 'What Every Medievalist Should Know about Africa (Grad Student Choice)'

30 November - Dr Adrian Jobson (University of East Anglia), '"And forgive them that trespass against us?": Lordship, Reconciliation and Rehabilitation in Post-Evesham England'

7 December - 4pm - Professor Helen Fulton, 'Literary Topographies and Historical City Maps: Bristol, Swansea, London'

25 April - 4pm - Professor Brendan Smith, 'Bristol and Ireland in 1373'







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