Gandhi at Sea (Autumn Art Lecture)

26 October 2023, 6.30 PM - 26 October 2023, 7.45 PM

Professor Faisal Devji (University of Oxford)

Reception Room, Wills Memorial Building, Queens Road, BS8 1QE

This lecture is part of the 2023 Autumn Art Lecture series: 

Art and the City: Bristol at 650

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About the Autumn Art Lectures

The Autumn Art Lectures are here again and this year we are on the move. To coincide with Bristol 650, the year-long celebration that marks the anniversary of the 1373 royal charter, our new series will focus on some of the historical, cultural and conceptual spaces of Bristol. AAL2023 will be an opportunity not just to talk about Bristol and its (in)visible histories, but also to step into the city itself. Events will be hosted in venues that span Bristol – from the Cathedral at its heart on College Green, to Spike Island in the midst of the river that defines the city’s cosmopolitan past and present. Our speakers include curators, artists, and academics, who together will take us on a journey through both familiar and unfamiliar aspects of the city’s history, including its place in the wider world.  

More information about events in the Autumn Art Lecture 2023 series will follow in due course.

The Autumn Art Lecture series is hosted by the University of Bristol's Faculty of Arts with support from the Centre for Black Humanities and Bristol Ideas.

About this event

As a port city important in the making of the British Empire, Bristol represents a maritime history that links England to the world in ways that cannot be understood only by thinking about territorial conquest and control. How did the sea define the Empire in the minds of the British as much as Indians? This lecture is about the way in which perhaps the most famous Indian of modern times, Mahatma Ghandi, sought to redefine the relationship of sea to land in his political career. He did so by rethinking the oceanic character of the British Empire, not by repudiating it but instead making Indians at home in this maritime space in novel ways.

About the speaker 

Faisal Devji is Professor of Indian History at the University of Oxford and Director of the Asian Studies Centre at St. Antony's College. He is an intellectual historian interested in Indian political thought as well as the making of global Islam. Devji is the author of four books, including The Impossible Indian: Gandhi and the Temptation of Violence, and Muslim Zion: Pakistan as a Political Idea.


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