Michael Scott 'The realities of the Olympic Games'

12 October 2021, 7.00 PM - 12 October 2021, 8.29 PM

Badminton School, Peace Memorial Hall

The Bristol Classical Association is delighted to announce its 2021/22 programme of events, which opens with 'The realities of the Olympic Games', a talk by Professor Michael Scott.

We are all used to the idea of the links between the ancient and modern Olympics. But what were the ancient Olympics really like? How did you get there, where did you stay and what was the experience on the ground for competitors and spectators? What might you see, hear, and think about? What kind of impressions of ancient Greece, and of the ancient Greeks, did you come away with? And as a result, just what real links are there between the ancient and modern Olympics after all?

To hear Michael speak about the Olympics at Badminton School on 16th May 2019, please contact bmbellmini@aol.com. Tickets are free for Bristol Classical Association members, students, and school pupils; there will be a cost of £5 for visitors. Refreshments available from 6.30pm.

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