The Wellcome Trust's Covid-19 Questionnaire

The Wellcome Trust's Covid-19 questionnaire is freely available to all population health researchers.

Wellcome Covid-19

The Questionnaire

The Wellcome Trust’s COVID-19 questionnaire is freely available to population health researchers wishing to address health, behaviour, social, environmental and economic questions in the context of the pandemic.

The first version was launched on 23rd April 2020 and is already helping explore changes to the lives of cohort participants in the UK and elsewhere. The questionnaire is available in both RedCap and Qualtrics

The Avon Longitundinal Study of Parents and Children and Generation Scotland are providing the secretariat function for the questionnaire(s). It will support the continued development, deployment, collection and analysis of a shared COVID-19 questionnaire across UK cohorts.

Version Two (August 2020)

Version two of the Wellcome Covid-19 questionnaire is now available on request.  

Brand new topics include neighbourhood issues, domestic violence, alcohol use, healthcare, thoughts on the lockdown and new connections made during the pandemic.  All sections have been updated and will continued to be reviewed in response to changing academic need.  Please contact us if you have suggestions.

Contact for your copy of the questionnaire or to suggest further areas to cover.

Using the Questionnaire

To access the questionnaire simply get in touch using the email address below.  We ask that you keep us informed of when you have used the questionnaire and on which participants. If you need additional support to use the questionnaire please get in touch.


We will provide introductory advice and guidance on single and cross cohort analysis and linkage to other available data sets on request. Please contact us for more information. 

Reaching policy makers

We have established an efficient rapid-response pipeline to the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) via Health Data Research UK and to other policy makers through the CLOSER COVID-19 research hub

If you wish to highlight your research findings to these groups, please get in touch.

Contact Us

To request the questionnaire or support please email us at


We are looking at how to achieve efficient data linkage to allow cross cohort analyses to examine a variety of impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.


We are in the process of gaining Health Research Authority approval for the current and future versions of the full questionnaire. We will let you know when it is available so you can use it for your individual ethics applications.

Field Studies

The questionnaire is currently being used in Department of Health and Social Care supported field studies of serological test for COVID-19. We encourage and will endeavour to support the use of the questionnaire for similar COVID-19 studies.


Research and blogs from the questionnaire will be posted here.


We’re working with The International HundredK+ Consortium of Cohorts to share resources, intelligence and data where appropriate.  IHCC have a Wellcome Trust funded questionnaire targeted for lower and middle income countries to aid a standard approach to pandemic research questions. 

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To request a copy of the questionnaire or for support contact us at

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