ACRC HPC usage policy

ACRC reserve the right to make amendments to this usage policy without notice, as required to ensure availability, security and fair usage of the services provided.

  1. All jobs must be run via the queuing system. It is permissible to log directly into the compute nodes only to check on the state of a job but actual compute work must not be started in this way. 
  2. Intensive tasks must not be run on the head/login nodes; these should be reserved for editing code and job scripts, code compiliation, data movement, submitting jobs and managing the queuing system.    
  3. Job submissions must only request required resources, waste of cluster resources by poorly scheduled jobs may result in your jobs being held or deleted.        
  4. Job submissions must only use their allocated resources, using additional resources not allocated by the scheduler may result in the job being automatically or manually deleted. 
  5. Use of the cluster is granted for academic and administrative purposes related to work or study at the University only  
  6. Teaching on the ACRC clusters is by prior arrangement only. Please let the ACRC know about your teaching by following the HPC teaching application process at least 6 weeks before any course begins.  
  7. Jobs or processes that are having an adverse effect on the cluster may be deleted / killed / held as required by ACRC with no prior notification. 
  8. Cryptocurrency mining and blockchain research must not be run on -University of Bristol Systems except by prior arrangement and approval as outlined in the University’s Information Security Policy.
  9. All new ACRC HPC users should complete the ACRC Intro to HPC training course (or equivalent) before submitting any jobs to the clusters.   

ACRC HPC account suspension

  • Users found to be in breach of any statute in this usage policy will be reported to the HPC Executive for a decision regarding the suspension of their HPC access.  

  • Suspended users may not access ACRC Research Systems. 

  • Suspended users may be reinstated at the discretion of HPC Executive and ACRC; requests for reinstatement must come from the user's supervisor, line manager or sponsor. 

 Please note that in addition to this HPC usage policy users must also comply with the University’s Information Security Policy for Acceptable Use of University Information Systems:  ISP-09.pdf ( and Data Protection polices.







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