October 2016

2016 RDF Awardee - Eric Morgan: New insights into the transmission of Angiostrongylus lungworms by gastropods under climate change: a comparative approach

October 2015

2015 RDF Awardee - Paul Burton: Data Analysis with Privacy Protection for Epidemiological Research (DAPPER)

2015 RDF Awardee - Clive Sabel: Healthy-Polis – Developing Urban Lifecourse Approaches in response to Climate Change

2015 RDF Awardee - Ann Singleton: Migration, Development and Global Transformations (MDGT)

June 2014

2013 RMP Awardee - Alin Achim: Optical coherence tomography with compressive data acquisition and processing

2013 RMP Awardee - Mehdi Kashani: Seismic performance of corrosion damaged reinforced concrete bridges in earthquake regions

2012 RMP Awardee - Winnie Wang: The New Generation Migrants in a New Stage of Development in China

2013 RDF Awardee - Yoav Ben-Shlomo: Health of Family and Migrants

2013 RDF Awardee - Michael Lee: Global farm platforms for optimisation of grazing livestock production systems

2013 RDF Awardee - Stephan Lewandowsky:  Recognizing and managing uncertainty in the physical, social, and public spheres

2012 RDF Awardee - Guoxing Yu: Establishment of a WUN language assessment research network


February 2012

Flyer (PDF, 888kB)

2009 RMP Awardee - Peter Irvine: Exploring the temperature and sea level response of geoengineering

2009 RMP Awardee - Francesco Fornetti: Modelling Novel Semiconductor (GaN) transistors in pulsed mode

2009 RDF Awardee - Pamela King:  Medieval plays in modern performances - an international archival project

2009 & 2011 RDF Awardee - Mark Siddall: Ice sheet and climate interaction - implications of coastal engineering