Funding opportunities

The Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) offers a framework of project support through its small central secretariat and network of local WUN coordinators.

WUN does not fund research projects directly, but offers development or 'seed funding' for selected collaborations which demonstrate potential in the longer term to become self-sustaining and deliver benefits to the WUN partners.

In Bristol, the local WUN Steering Group is responsible for allocating funds. Priority is given to well defined proposals which aim to create new international research links or develop existing ones, and which demonstrate a clear potential to deliver long term benefits to the University of Bristol.

Applications from staff and students at the University of Bristol are welcome from all academic areas. To discuss support for working with our WUN partners, please contact the Bristol IAS/WUN Development Manager, Dr Susan Jim (

Current funding calls


Recent RMP Awardees

Recent RMP awardees:

PeriodTypeNameDepartmentHost Institution
January 2017 Student Emily Crowe Experimental Psychology University of Sydney
May 2016 Student Tom Keating Geographical Sciences University of Sydney
March 2016 Student Edmund Hunt Biological Sciences University of Sydney
March 2016 Student Andrew Gordon Experimental Psychology University of Western Australia
April 2016 Student Andy Saxon Biological Sciences University of Western Australia
August 2016 Staff Dr Juliet Biggs Earth Sciences University of Cape Town (South Africa)