Human Resources Committee

University of Bristol Human Resources (HR) Committee


Category of membership


Lay member of the Board of Trustees (Chair)

Ms Anne Stephenson

Lay member of the Board of Trustees 

Mr Denis Burn

Lay member of the Board of Trustees

Mr James Wetz

Vice-Chancellor and President

Professor Hugh Brady

Deputy Vice-Chancellor 

Professor Guy Orpen

Registrar and Chief Operating Officer

Ms Robin Geller

An academic member of the Board of Trustees

Professor Bridget Lumb

A professional services member of Board of Trustees

Ms Tilly Beech

Co-opted member

Ms Nicky McCabe

Co-opted member

Professor Mike Basker

In attendance

  • The HR Director
  • The Deputy HR Director
  • The Deputy University Secretary
  • The Director of Health and Safety
  • The Organisational Development Manager (Equality and Diversity)

Terms of Reference

For the terms of reference of the University of Bristol HR Committee, please refer to the Standing Order on Committees of the Board of Trustees (PDF, 113kB).

Meeting dates 2017/18