New member induction

New Board of Trustees and Committee Member Induction Programmes

We hold two full day inductions per year:

  1. One in the Autumn term (usually around September/October) to accommodate new academic staff members who are appointed during the summer;
  2. A second in the Spring term (usually around January/February) to accommodate new lay members of the Board/committees and newly appointed members such as those from Convocation or Bristol City Council for example.

We also provide full induction and training to incoming Student Sabbatical Officers. For more information please contact the Governance team.

The Board of Trustees and Committee Member induction programmes are modular induction programmes covering the following topics*. Existing members are also welcome to attend some or all of the sessions.

* Please note that the below information is suggested content only and is not fixed.

Induction modules

Welcome / introduction from the Chair of the Board of Trustees and Clerk

  • Introduction to University Board of Trustees and its committees
  • Board of Trustees' composition (lay members, academic, non-academic staff and students)
  • Board of Trustees' key roles and responsibilities
  • The format of Board of Trustees meetings
  • Board of Trustees and committee members relationships with the Chair and the senior team
  • Where to go for help and advice about any aspect of University governance, information about training/development: the Governance team.

Introduction from the Secretary's Office/Legal Services

  • The Board of Trustees and committee members responsibilities as Trustees
  • The role of the Secretary’s Office, particularly in relation to staff and student appeals/grievances etc.
  • Board members involvement with staff/student appeals and grievances
  • The role of the Deputy Secretaries (Directors of Legal Services).

Finance Director  - University Finances

  • The role of Finance and Audit Committees and their relationships with the Board of Trustees
  • How the University is funded
  • Financial Strategy and Capital Programme
  • Audit arrangements and financial assurance.

The Clerk to the Board of Trustees

  • The role of the University Secretary and links with the Board of Trustees' committees
  • The wider University Governance
  • Description of the Professional Services: structure and key strategies (ie, Estates, People, IT, student support etc).


For more information on new member inductions, please contact the Governance team, (0117) 33 17548.