Bus pass information

Staff Loan Scheme

A member of staff can apply for a bus season ticket, but rather than having to buy the ticket themselves the University of Bristol will purchase it on their behalf. The member of staff then repays the cost of the ticket in either 5 or 10 monthly instalments directly from their salary. By purchasing a season ticket in this way staff will receive an additional 10% discount from the cost of a First Bus season ticket.

Wessex Bus Pass Information

Wessex Service 16

*It is with regret, but the 'Wessex Red' Network has undergone some significant changes and therefore will no longer be operating as 'Wessex Red' from September 2014. The 11A, 12, 13, 14 and 19 will still operate, but under the new Wessex Star Network. Passes for these services (and other Wessex bus services) will need to be purchased directly from Wessex.

The Wessex Service 16 will operate independently, therefore any passes sold for the Service 16 can only by used on this service.

If you require additional information please contact Amy Heritage, Sustainability Manager (Transport).*

First year Undergraduate Students and Senior Residents living in University allocated accommodation will receive a Wessex Service 16 bus pass on arrival at the University. All other students, staff and members of the public can purchase a bus pass for the Wessex Service 16 from the Hawthorns Reception (Elton Road, BS8 1UQ), or buy tickets on board the bus.

University of Bristol 2014/2015 term/operational dates are: Term 1: 22nd Sept 2014 – 19th Dec 2014, Term 2: 12th Jan 2015 – 27th March 2015, Term 3: 20th April 2014 - 12th June 2015.

Wessex Service 16 Pass Prices (only for use on the service 16)

September 2013 – August 2014

September 2014 – August 2015

Payment with cash Payment with smartcard Payment with cash Payment with smartcard
Adult dayrider (available on bus)  £3.00  £2.50  £2.50 £2.38
Student dayrider (available on bus) Not Available £2 £1.90
*Child dayrider (available on bus) £1.50 Not available £1.50 £1.36
Adult Week Not Available £10 £9.50
Student Week Not Available £8.00 £7.80
*Child Week Not Available £6 £5.43
Adult Month £44 £35 £35
Student Month Not Available £28 £28
*Child Month Not Available £20 £20
Annual Pass £339 Not available Not available
3 term pass £262 No longer available £171 Not available
1 term pass £109 (1st Term)

£100 (2nd Term)

£58 (3rd Term)

No longer available £69 (1st Term)

£59 (2nd Term)

£43 (3rd Term)

Not available

Wessex Bus Pass Information

Visit Wessex Bus' website for information on the fares for all Wessex Bus services (including student fares).

Wessex Star Bus Pass Information

Visit Wessex Star's website for information on the fares for all Wessex Bus services (including student fares).

First Bus Pass Information

Visit First Bus' web site for information on their fares. Young people (16-21) and students (of any age if in full time education) can get a 30% discount on all tickets across the West of England.