Student Travel Policy and Plan Steering Group

The STPPSG was created in October 2007 and meetings are held on a quarterly basis, but more frequently if required.

The Group may investigate any activity within its terms of reference and seek any information it requires from members of staff. A representative will be in attendance if the listed member is unable to attend.

Member Job Title Department
Neil Sapsworth, Chair Student Residences Programme Director Estates Office
Alison Allden Deputy Registrar and Director of Information Services Deputy Registrar
Martin Wiles Head of Sustainability Estates Office
Alan Rump Director of Student Services & Warden of Churchill Hall Student Services
Pru Lawrence-Archer Accommodation Officer Accommodation Office
Barry Trahar Residential Services Manager Residences Office
John Stanton Director of Strategic Programmes Estates Office
Tobin Webb Sabbatical Officer - President Student's Union
Amy Watts Travel Plan Co-ordinator Estates Office

Other members will be invited as and when necessary, for example the Head of Security, City Council representatives and public transport operators.