Extenuating circumstances

If you are applying to study at the University of Bristol and your education has been significantly disrupted through health or personal problems, disability or specific educational difficulties, please submit an extenuating circumstances form with your online application.

Extenuating circumstances form (PDF, 868kB)

  • Please specify which parts of your studies were affected.
  • Include additional evidence (e.g. a doctor's note, hospital letter, police report, support worker's report, etc) if appropriate.
  • A personal tutor, doctor or relevant professional must complete the supporting section of the form.

The information you provide on the form is confidential. It is used to help us assess your academic performance in light of your extenuating circumstances. Submitting an extenuating circumstances form does not guarantee that the University will make you an offer, or that your place will be confirmed if you do not meet the conditions of your offer.

When we consider extenuating circumstances

We may consider extenuating circumstances if you narrowly miss the conditions of your offer and there are places available on your programme.

Most examination and assessment boards will have procedures in place to consider extenuating circumstances as part of the final grading of an award. We would expect all applicants to use such procedures where they exist.

How we consider extenuating circumstances

We consider the effect of extenuating circumstances on your qualifications and examination performance. We do not consider extenuating circumstances when assessing the rest of your application, such as the personal statement, research statement or reference. Extenuating circumstances will not be considered when evaluating English Language results, including performance on pre-sessional English programmes.

When to submit extenuating circumstances

We only look at the extenuating circumstances you send us during the year that you apply. If you submitted extenuating circumstances for an application in a previous cycle, you will need to submit a new form. We will contact you if further evidence is required. Extenuating circumstances must be submitted by 31 July, or before you receive formal notification of your final degree result or classification, whichever is earliest.

If you have extenuating circumstances at the time you apply to the University

If there have been ongoing issues affecting your studies, please submit an extenuating circumstances form at the same time that you apply. The completed form should be uploaded using the additional information option within the Education section of the online application. We can then take this into account when we assess your application.

If you have extenuating circumstances after you have applied to the University

If you experience extenuating circumstances after you have submitted your application but before you take your final exams, you should inform your current institution.

You should also complete the extenuating circumstances form, noting that your current institution has been informed of your circumstances in section 1e of the form. The completed form should be uploaded to your application via the applicant portal. Additional documentary evidence to support your application from your institution will be required.

If you already have a decision on your application

If you already have an offer from us, you can still submit extenuating circumstances that you think may affect your examination performance later in the year. We cannot consider extenuating circumstances that are sent to us after an unsuccessful decision has been received.

Current students

If you are a current University of Bristol student and want to report extenuating circumstances relating to your degree work, please follow the guidance for current students requesting extenuating circumstances.

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