Pay accommodation fees

How and when you pay your fees will depend on whether the University is your landlord or if you are living in one of our nomination properties.

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University-allocated accommodation

Nomination properties (Deans Court, Woodland Court and Chantry Court)

University-allocated accommodation

What to pay

Download a list of fees for our residences:

When to pay

You will need to pay your accommodation fees once you have moved into your residence and received an invoice. Go to your online financial statement to view your invoices.

Once you have received your invoice, you have two options: either pay it in full or pay in instalments.

  1. Pay in full:
    • Total accommodation fee payable by 24 October 2021
  2. Pay in three instalments:
    • Instalment 1 payable by 24 October 2021 – 40% of accommodation fee
    • Instalment 2 payable by 24 January 2022 – 30% of accommodation fee
    • Instalment 3 payable by 26 April 2022 – 30% of accommodation fee

How to pay

You can pay by debit card, credit card or direct debit, whether you are paying in full or in instalments.

Pay your accommodation fees

If you’re not sure how to set up a payment plan to pay in instalments, follow these instructions. They explain how to set up a payment plan for tuition fees - the instructions for paying your accommodation fees are identical.

If you are not able to use any of these payment methods, read about the other options we offer.

If you fail to pay

If you do not pay your rent by the deadlines stated in your tenancy agreement, you will receive several reminders to set up a payment plan. Your residence conditions state that if you have still not paid 28 days after it was due, we may give you 28 days’ notice to leave the accommodation. Full details of the process are outlined in our arrears procedure (PDF).

If you are struggling with accommodation costs, find out about the support available from our student funding team.

Nomination properties

If you are living in one these properties, you will pay your rent directly to A2Dominion or Unite.

Deans Court and Woodland Court

You will be given a rent payment card when you arrive, along with instructions of how to make your payments. 

You can choose to pay in full or in three instalments, in September, January and May – the exact date and amount will depends on your residence and room type.

Visit the A2Dominion website for details of how you can pay.

Chantry Court

Unite will provide details of how and when to make your payments when you confirm your booking with them. For further details, go to the Unite website

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