About our research and funders

Our current areas of special interest include:

  • Ageing and health
    • ageing and end of life care
    • ageing and retirement
    • ageing and mental health
  • Children and health
    • child development and health
  • Evidence based care
  • Inequalities in health
    • poverty and social exclusion
  • Interprofessional and interagency work
  • Mental health
    • managing risk in mental health care
    • drugs misuse policy
    • forensic mental health services
    • community mental health care
    • evidence based care
  • Sex, gender and health
    • sex and gender differences in health
    • gender equity and health policy
    • gender, health and migration.

We carry out research and consultancy with a wide range of funders including

  • the European Union,
  • the World Health Organisation,
  • the United Nations,
  • the Global Forum for Health Research,
  • voluntary organisations such as the Nuffield Foundation and the Joseph Rowntree Trust,
  • local authorities,
  • central government departments such as the Department of Health and the Department for Children, Schools and Families.

Members of the centre also act as the Social Care Lead in the West Hub of the Mental Health Research Network. The Network is designed to provide the infrastructure to support large scale, high quality research in mental health and social care, with implications for services and treatments.

The centre has particular expertise in the development of evaluation strategies which actively involve funders and service users in the research process itself and in the dissemination of findings across a range of relevant constituencies.

Find out more about our research on the school's research project pages and postgraduate profile pages.

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