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Abstracts welcomed - 10th Anniversary ESPAnet Conference 2012, Stream on 'Young People and Social Policy in Europe'

On the 6-8 September the University of Edinburgh will host the 10th Anniversary Conference of the creation of ESPAnet, the European Social Policy Analysis Network.

Lorenza Antonucci, School for Policy Studies, and Dr. Myra Hamilton, Social Policy Research Centre, University of New South Wales (formerly of School for Policy Studies) are pleased to announce a new stream on 'Young People and Social Policy in Europe: New Risks and Emerging Challenges' which they will be convening.

The stream will explore the many ways that social policy supports young people as they negotiate major life course-stage transitions through adolescence and into adulthood.  It will explore the specific needs of young people and associated claims on the policy and service infrastructure. Social policy problems concerning young people such as inequalities, social exclusion and labour market insecurity are of growing interest in the European social policy community and have invited interest at previous ESPAnet conferences. Social policy is an interdisciplinary field of study and we welcome abstract submissions from different disciplinary areas. For a full description of the stream visit the following link:

The deadline for sending abstracts is 9 March 2012.  Abstracts should be about 300 words and submissions should also include contact details: author(s), affiliation, postal address, phone number and e-mail address. All abstracts should be sent (as word or pdf attachment) to