Widening participation at the School

The School welcomes students from all backgrounds. This is one of our strengths and our diverse student population at the School has a positive impact on everyone as they share differing viewpoints and life experiences throughout their studies.

The following table gives more details

IndicatorSchool intake 2009
Socio-economic class 4-6 17%
Minority ethnic students 15%*
Low Higher Education  participation area 20%
Local students 16%
Mature students (21+) 20%
* figures for non-white students  

Outreach activities

We have a long established commitment to widening participation and community engagement. Working closely with the Widening Participation and Undergraduate Admissions Office, we participate in a wide range of outreach activities such as:

Student feedback

  • I am not usually a person who goes on these sorts of things as I am nervous about meeting people but I really enjoyed it
  • It has cemented my desire to study Social Policy at University (Bristol) before I came along I thought I knew what it was all about, now I am really excited about my future studies.

Access to Bristol Scheme

The School was one of six departments that participated in the inaugural year of the scheme.

Student feedback

  • The Access to Bristol scheme is brilliant.  It has given me a great insight into what it is like to study at university.
  • At first I was very nervous about joining the course because I was the only one from my college, but I enjoyed it and made lots of new friends.  It has also given me confidence to travel and experience places I have never been before.  It has been a great experience.

Mature Student’s Open Day

A separate open day offers advice on finance, student services, child care and ‘sample’ academic sessions.

Student feedback

  • Very impressed – as a department it really did shatter any myths about the University of Bristol.

Scholarships and bursaries

These include: