Sports injury

Girl playing volleyball What do we do for sports injuries?

We provide expert sports medicine services to both the Bristol public and University community.

Do you take the dog for a walk, go for the occasional swim? Are you training for a marathon or are competing in sport at an international level?  No matter what your level of activity, our multi-disciplinary team will get you back on track!

Our physiotherapists, osteopath, sports massage therapists, pilates teachers and acupuncturist work together to keep you pain free and active. By working as a team, we can address all of your needs under one roof. We also have excellent links with local GPs and consultants and can help you get medical attention if necessary.

Rugby game Why see a sports injury expert?

Many injuries that result in taking part in sport and exercise can be prevented or resolved if dealt with promptly.  With so many experts, we will ensure that you get the best care with the right people.  It is vital to get the correct, scientifically based advice and treatment to ensure full recovery and prevent recurrence. We can give you the tools to get you not just back on your feet, but back to sport at whatever level you were at.

We treat all type of injuries from knee and ankle sprains, neck and back pain to shoulder injuries and tennis elbow. 

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