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‘Active Mates’: Our new Facebook group created to remove the anxiety of being active alone

9 October 2019

On this day, 10 October 2019 – World Mental Health Day – we’re shining a spotlight on the hugely positive impact that sport and exercise can have, not just on physical health, but also mental, social and emotional wellbeing.

According to the Mental Health Foundation, even low to moderate levels of physical activity – such as a 10-minute walk – can be enough to boost mental alertness, energy and positive mood. Regular exercise can help to manage mild mental health problems such as anxiety and depression and can help to prevent the onset of more serious mental health illnesses.

However, it’s clear that, for some people, the anxiety of going to the gym, taking up a sport, or attending a fitness class alone can be huge barrier to getting started, and therefore to experiencing these lifechanging benefits.

Strength in numbers!

The ‘Active Mates’ Facebook group now exists to remove this barrier for students and staff at the University of Bristol. The online platform is a safe space to connect with others who have a Bristol Uni Sport membership, or who might also be thinking about signing up for one.

Once you have joined the group, you could use it to find someone (or even a group) to:

Sports and physical activity provide another opportunity for social interaction and meeting new people. This in itself can help to boost your confidence and enhance your university experience.

Further information

Join the Active Mates Facebook group today!

Join. Connect. B:Active.

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