Sports medicine clinic

Sports medicine services. Fully qualified, highly experienced staff. Open to the public

We offer expert and comprehensive sports medicine services to the general public, University staff and students.

Whether you are a non-exerciser or an elite athlete, we can offer you the right advice, treatment and instruction depending on your needs. 2 locations: Tyndall Ave, BS8 1TP and Coombe Dingle Sports Complex, BS9 2BJ. Bookings - Tundall Ave 0117 928 8810, Coombe Dingle 0117 962 6718

News update

Physiotherapist Henry Abrahams has recently joined our team at both the Tyndall Ave Clifton and Coombe Dingle Clinics. He is working with the University whilst continuing his current role with Bath Rugby, and brings a wealth of exercise physiology and personal training experience as well as his physio skills.

Nutritionist Lisa Tarquini joins the University's Sports Medicine Team. Lisa can help with problems ranging from elite sport to weight management.