Indoor Sports Centre redevelopment project

We are delighted to announce that a £4.9 million redevelopment of the Indoor Sports Centre, the first stage in the University’s exciting project to remodel Tyndall Avenue to become the welcoming heart of the campus, is complete.

Project details

We have been reconfiguring the building, managed by Capital Projects, to make much-needed improvements to the current layout and increasing the capacity of the Gym by 30% to enable us to meet the demands of future student and staff numbers.

Official Opening Ceremony - Wednesday 10 October 2018

To celebrate the completion of the project, Professor Hugh Brady, Vice-Chancellor & President will be hosting an Opening Ceremony for the Indoor Sports Centre at 2:30-3:30pm on Wednesday 10 October 2018, by invitation only. There will also be free activities for members and non-members to attend throughout the morning, including mass-participation classes () and a workshop on sports and mental health (sign up here).

New facilities

Find out more about the new and improved facilities available this Autumn